Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program

The potential effects of new energy technologies are revolutionary, but as knowledge accumulates, challenges multiply even faster. Solutions depend upon unprecedented integration of tools and concepts originating from a wide range of science and engineering fields.

In order to train the next generation of researchers and engineers, the Technion has established an interdisciplinary graduate studies program under the auspices of GTEP. This program provides the wide-ranging education necessary to discover the next generation of energy solutions. GTEP provides an environment conducive to interdisciplinary research, the resources necessary to recruit and retain the best minds, which together will generate unparalleled cross-fertilization in a stimulating environment.

The Technion is uniquely suited to carry out this initiative because it has all the individual components required for success: strong engineering and basic science faculties – including aerospace, biomedical, biotechnology and food, chemical, civil and environmental, electrical, materials and mechanical engineering, as well as architecture and town planning, biology, chemistry and physics.

GTEP is looking to cooperate with leading international universities on student exchange programs in the field of energy. The idea is to enable students to benefit from the developments and advances in other countries.

Managed by an interdisciplinary committee for graduate studies in energy, the GTEP Graduate Studies Program is designed to attract highly motivated graduates in science and engineering who are eager to develop expertise, and provide them with the necessary infrastructure and research framework. The students are required to carry out a research project under the guidance of professors from different disciplines.

Tomorrow’s energy researchers and engineers will need to be educated in all classical science and engineering subjects, as well as know-how in economics and policy. Thus, the study program will produce scientists, engineers and researchers with a better understanding of all energy-related issues.

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