Associate Prof. Matthew Suss


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Associate Prof. Matthew Suss


Mechanical Engineering

Main energy field:

Flow batteries for large scale energy storage


Ph.D. 2013 Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. 2009 Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering
B.Sc. 2007 McGill University, Mechanical Engineering

Leader in Science & Technology Chair (Technion)
Member of the Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP)
Lawrence Scholar award (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Excellence in Publication Award (2011 & 2012, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Research Interests:

My work involves designing, building, and studying novel redox flow batteries for large scale energy storage, and novel capacitive deionization systems for simultaneous energy storage and water desalination.

Selected Publications:

ME Suss, W Braff, CR Buie, MZ Bazant, “A cyclable laminar flow battery”. Submitted to Science, 2014.

ME Suss, PM Biesheuvel, TF Baumann, M Stadermann, JG Santiago. “Spatially and temporally resolved measurements of salt concentration between charging porous electrodes for desalination by capacitive deionization”. Environmental Science & Technology, 48(3), 2008-2015.

ME Suss, TF Baumann, MA Worsley, KA Rose, T Jaramillo, M Stadermann, JG Santiago. “Impedance-based study of capacitive porous carbon electrodes with hierarchical and bimodal porosity”. Journal of Power Sources, 2013, 241, 266-273.

R.K. Kalluri, M.M. Biener, M.E. Suss, M.D. Merrill, M. Stadermann, J.G. Santiago, T.F. Baumann, J. Biener, A. Striolo, “Unraveling the potential and pore-size dependent capacitance of slit-shaped graphitic carbon pores in aqueous electrolytes”. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013, 15, 2309-2320

ME Suss, TF Baumann, WL Bourcier, CM Spadaccini, KA Rose, JG Santiago, M Stadermann. “Capacitive desalination with flow-through electrodes”. Energy and Environmental Science, 2012, 5, 9511-9519

J Biener, M Stadermann, M Suss, MA Worsley, MM Biener, KA Rose and TF Baumann. “Advanced carbon aerogels for energy applications”. Energy and Environmental Science, 2011, 4, 656-667