Prof. Michael Shapiro


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Prof. Michael Shapiro


Mechanical Engineering


Head, Energy-Environment Research Center, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Head, Energy teaching track
Head, Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines
Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty 2007-2008

Ph.D. 1984, Technion, Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. 1974, Polytechnical Institute, St Petersburg, Physics and Mechanics

Research Area in Energy:

Alternative fuels for Internal combustion engines. Engine particulate emissions and their properties. Energy Conservation.

Research Interests:

Environmental impact of energy production
Particulates emissions from energy production processes: Characterization of soot particulates

Selected Publications:

M.Shapiro, P.Vainshtein, D.Dutcher, M.Emery, M.Stolzenburg, D.B.Kittelson and P.H.McMurry, Characterization of agglomerates by simultaneous measurement of mobility, vacuum aerodynamic diameter and mass, Journal of Aerosol Science, 44, 24–45, 2012

T. Gambaryan-Roisman, M. Shapiro, A. Shavit. Effect of double-diffusive heat transfer on thermal conductivity of porous sintered ceramics: Macrotransport analysis. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 54 (2011) 4844–4855.

M. Shapiro and Y. Ben-Shmuel Modeling performance of a tangential flow cyclone: effects of secondary outlet geometry and boundary conditions. Particulate Science and Technology. 29:5, 450-465, 2011