Associate Prof. Sigal Savaldi-Goldstein


Phone: +972-4-8293413

Associate Prof. Sigal Savaldi-Goldstein



Main energy field:

The molecular underpinning of plant growth control in response to adverse environmental conditions. Our basic research is expected to open new avenues toward potential biotechnological means of improving plant performance and solutions for the worldwide agricultural production and food sustainability.


Postdoc – 2008 – Salk Institute – Plant Sciences

PhD – 2003 – Weizmann Institute – Plant Sciences

Research Area in Energy:

Developmental reprogramming by the environment using roots as experimental system; interaction between steroid hormones and nutrients, mechanisms underlying plant resilience to limited nutrient availability.

Selected Publications:

Fridman, Y., Holland, N., Elbaum, R., Savaldi-Goldstein, S. High Resolution Quantification of Crystalline Cellulose Accumulation in Arabidopsis Roots to Monitor Tissue-specific Cell Wall Modifications. J. Vis. Exp. (111), e53707, doi:10.3791/53707 (2016).

Vragović, K., Sela, A., Friedlander-Shani, L., Fridman, Y., Hacham, Y., Holland, N., Bartom, E., Mockler, T.C. and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. Translatome analyses capture of opposing tissue-specific brassinosteroid signals orchestrating root meristem differentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112, 923-928 (2015)

Singh, A.P., Fridman, Y., Friedlander-Shani, L., Tarkowska, D., Strnad, M., and Savaldi-Goldstein, S. Activity of the Brassinosteroid Transcription Factors BRASSINAZOLE RESISTANT1 and BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1-ETHYL METHANESULFONATE-SUPPRESSOR1/BRASSINAZOLE RESISTANT2 Blocks Developmental Reprogramming in Response to Low Phosphate Availability. Plant Physiol 166, 678-688 (2014).

Fridman, Y., Elkouby, L., Holland, N., Vragovic, K., Elbaum, R., and Savaldi-Goldstein. S. Root growth is modulated by differential hormonal sensitivity in neighboring cells. Genes & Dev 28, 912-920 (2014).

Hacham, Y., Holland, N., Butterfield, C., Ubeda-Tomas, S., Bennett, M.J., Chory, J. & Savaldi-Goldstein, S. Brassinosteroid perception in the epidermis controls root meristem size. Development 138, 839-48 (2011).

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