Director’s Message

The demand for global energy supply is predicted to increase dramatically over the next few decades. Making energy supply secure and sustainable with clean, reliable and inexpensive resources is one of the most important challenges facing humanity today. In an era struggling with compounding factors of rising population, water scarcity, climate change, urbanization and increasing prosperity there is a critical need for energy sciences to deliver innovative solutions and technologies that diversify energy sources.

As the leading energy research and education program in Israel, the Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP) brings together an exceptional cross-disciplinary community of energy scholars working jointly to come up with applications enabling the effective generation, use and storage of energy. The focus in the upcoming years will be on the effective integration of converging technologies (nano-, bio-, and info-technologies, each of which is progressing at a rapid rate) within energy research.

Since its establishment in 2007, GTEP-led activities have generated significant scientific discoveries and major national initiatives, forged strong industrial and academic collaborations in Israel and with prominent international institutes, and attracted first-rate faculty members and outstanding students from across the country. Today, GTEP is in a position to expand its global activities with leading universities and research institutes through joint research projects, faculty and student exchange, as well as dual-mentor research training programs for international students and postdoctoral scholars.

GTEP welcomes academic and industry collaborators as well as excellent graduate students and postdocs to join its growing community in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and its applications for a better future.


Professor Yoed Tsur
Program Director
Grand Technion Energy Program
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology