The Micro-Nano Printing Fabrication Unit

The Micro-Nano Printing Fabrication Unit (MNPFU) resides in the clean room space provided by the Wolfson Microelectronic Center and The Sarah and Moshe Zisapel Nanoelectronic Center. The MNFU is a shared research and development facility providing more than 50 Principal Investigators and over 200 academic and industrial researchers a complete set of micro, nano, and printing -fabrication tools. The centres’ engineers and technicians also provide process and prototype development support.

Part of what we can help you make: Thin film coating (metals, oxides, plastics…), Flow channels (incl. open ones), optical waveguides, membranes, stencil masks, MEMS, printed metal patterns (15 micron resolution), phototolithography (down to 1 micron), laser lithography (down to 0.5 micron), Electron beam lithography (down to 10 nanometer).

For more information and contact details please visit the MNPFU website.