10.06.2021 Light-matter interaction in photoelectrochemical cells for solar water splitting
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Ms. Yifat Piekner 14:30 Materials Science and Engineering Department, Meidan Building, Room 302 (3rd Floor) or Zoom -
11.04.2021 BizTEC Entrepreneurship Program and ESIL Alternative Energy Challenge
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Various 17:00 Zoom -
05.01.2021 From Nikola Tesla To Eilon Musk – Endorsing energy-tech ecosystem in Israel
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Mr. Eshel Lipman 10:00am Zoom -
03.12.2020 Innovation: Africa, an Israeli NGO bringing solar and water technologies to rural Africa
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Mr. Meir Yaacoby 11:00am Zoom -
26.11.2020 Studying the Effect of Operating Conditions and CO2 Cathode Contamination on PEMFCs Using Distribution of Relaxation Times Analysis
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Ms. Gal Avioz-Cohen 13:30 Zoom - link also in "More details" -
19.11.2020 LSFCr Perovskite as a Catalyst for CO2 Reduction-Theoretical Insight
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Ms. Vicky Fidelsky-Kozokaro 14:30 Zoom - link also in "More details" -
18.11.2020 Development of grafted acid-base catalysts for biomass related transformations
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Ms. Christine Khoury 13:30 Zoom - link also in "More details" -