In Honor of Stephen Grand

The entire Technion family mourns the loss of Stephen Grand, a visionary, philanthropist, and one of Israel’s and Technion’s greatest friends.

Stephen was a second-generation Technion supporter. His father was president of the local chapter of the American Technion Society, and would, as Stephen recalled, “drag me around to Technion events.” Both of his parents loved Israel, and Technion held a special place in their hearts.

“As I grew up,” Stephen once said, “I came to understand the crucial role that Technion has played in the survival and success of Israel.” He and his wife Nancy were honored as Technion Guardians, those friends who’ve made the highest commitment to the Technion. Stephen was also honored with an Honorary Doctorate in 2010.

Stephen realized that the world’s future sustainability, economic development, and security depended on answers to the technical and economic challenges faced by the water industry and the development of reliable energy sources. Innovative research and technology were needed. In 2001, Stephen provided major support for the establishment of the Technion’s Grand Water Research Institute (GWRI), and in 2010 for the Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP). These two major gifts were alongside other gifts, which encapsulated the foresight of Stephen and his family in their support for the Technion.

All of us at the Technion greatly enjoyed Stephen’s visits and appreciated his wise counsel. Over the years, it was heartwarming to us that Stephen appreciated the accomplishments of the GWRI and GTEP, and all of the other programs he supported.

In addition to their support for the Technion, Stephen and Nancy were active in numerous philanthropic activities throughout the United States and Israel. Stephen was the co-founder of Grand/Sakwa Properties, a Michigan-based real estate developer.

Stephen will be sorely missed.