Studies for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are designed for students holding an MSc degree in Engineering or Exact Sciences with excellent achievements.

Acceptance Criteria

Candidates’ evaluation is based on Technion Graduate School regulations. In addition to academic accomplishments, the candidate has to prove capabilities in conducting independent research.
The Interdisciplinary Energy Committee will evaluate the candidate’s resume, accomplishments, a written proposal of his/her proposed research, and will interview him/her.

A PhD candidate is required to allocate a research advisor prior to admission. Assistance from the Committee Director is available for foreign students to find an advisor. Candidates should also submit recommendations from two professors.

PhD Study Requirements

  1. Study of at least 8 credit points.
  2. Submission of a research proposal; defending it to a 5-member Referee Tribunal.
  3. Delivery a presentation and a lecture before submission. The date and topic of the presentation will be published on-line in the Technion bulletin.
  4. Submission of a research thesis; defending it to a 3-member Referee Tribunal.
  5. Any other special requirements of the Energy interdisciplinary Committee.

Direct PhD
Students with excellent achievements in their MSc studies are encouraged to pursue a direct PhD track. Approval is subject to the Interdisciplinary Energy Committee. The student will be required to study – in addition to MSc courses – at least eight more credit points.

Special PhD Program
This program is designated for students holding a suma cum laude undergraduate degree. Admission terms are specified on the Technion Graduate School website.

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