Prof. Noam Adir


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Prof. Noam Adir

Dean, Schulich Faculty of Chemistry



Main energy field:

Solar energy conversion from photosynthetic organisms/ complexes/ membranes.

Hydrogen evolution, water splitting


1990-1995 Post-Doctoral Res., UCSD, Physics

1984-1990 PhD, Hebrew University, Biochemistry

1981-1984 BSc, Hebrew University, Chemistry

Research Interests:

Photosynthetic organisms perform efficient solar energy conversion, using water as the source of electrons, creating storable chemical energy. We utilize these biological system for direct electron transfer to Bio-Photoelectrochemical Cells, which can be used to reduce protons to hydrogen, or other carbon based fuels.

Selected Publications:

Hybrid Bio-Photo-Electro-Chemical Cells for Solar Water Splitting. I. Pinhassi, D. Kallmann, G. Saper, H. Dotan, A. Linkov, A. Kay, V. Livneau, G. Schuster, N. Adir, and A. Rothschild. Nature Communications 7, 12552 (2016).

The Photosystem II D1-K238E mutation enhances electrical current production using cyanobacterial thylakoid membranes in a bio-photoelectrochemical cell. S. Larom, D. Kallmann, G. Saper, R.Pinhassi, A. Rothschild, H. Dotan, G. Ankonina, G. Schuster and N. Adir. 126, 161-169 Photosynthesis Research (2015).

Photosynthetic membranes of Synechocystis or plants convert sunlight to photocurrent through different pathways due to different architectures. R.I. Pinhassi, D. Kallmann, G. Saper, S. Larom, Linkov, A. Boulouis, M-A. Schöttler, R. Bock, A. Rothschild, N. Adir and G. Schuster. PLoS One 10, e0122616 (2015).

Room temperature biological quantum random walk in phycocyanin nanowires. Eisenberg, S. Yochelis, R. Ben-Harosh, L. David, A. Faust, N.Even-Dar, H. Taha, N.M. Haegel, N. Adir, N. Keren and Y. Paltiel. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(23): 11196-11201 (2014).

Engineering of an alternative electron transfer path in Photosystem II. S. Larom, Salama, G. Schuster and N. Adir, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA 107, 9650-9655 (2010).