Prof. Aviv Rosen


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Prof. Aviv Rosen


Aerospace Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources


Ph.D. 1975, Technion, Aerospace Engineering.
M.Sc. 1972, Technion, Aerospace Engineering.
B.Sc. 1967, Technion, Aerospace Engineering

Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering 1995-1999.
Senior Vice President, Technion, 2001-2007.
L. Shirley Tark Chair in Aircraft Structures, 1998-present.

Research Area in Energy:

Wind Energy

Research Interests:

Wind Energy. Erodynamics, Structural issues, Aeroelasticity, Performance, Tests.

Selected Publications:

Rosen, A. and Gur, O., “A Transfer Matrix Model of Large Deformations of Curved Rods”, Computers and Structures, Vol. 87, No. 7-8, 2009, pp. 467-484.

Gur, O. and Rosen, A., “Optimizing Electric Propulsion Systems of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, J. of Aircraft, Vol. 46, No. 4, 2009, pp. 1340-1353.

Rosen, A. and Gur, O., “A Novel Approach to Actuator Disk Modeling”, AIAA Journal, Vol. 46, No. 11, Nov. 2008, pp. 2914-2925.

Gur, O. and Rosen, A., “Comparison between Blade-Element Models of Propellers”, Aeronautical Journal Vol. 112, No. 1138, 2008, pp. 687-70.

Gur, O. and Rosen, A., “Optimal Design of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blades”, 9th Biennial ASME Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis – ESDA 2008, 7-9 July, 2008, Haifa, Israel.