Dr. Yonatan Calahorra


Materials Science and Engineering

Main energy field:

Energy converting materials for multifunctional applications and ambient energy harvesting


PhD – 2015 – Technion, Electrical Engineering

MSc – 2010 – Technion, Electrical Engineering

BSc – 2003 – Technion, Electrical Engineering

Research Area in Energy:

Energy Storage and Conversion – Magnetoelectric coupling – Design of material composites for efficient non-radiative conversion of magnetic to electric energy and vice-versa

Renewable Energy Sources – Photovoltaics – Studying the piezotronic effect – change of semiconductor band diagram with mechanical stress/strain and its effect on performance

Energy Harvesting – Electromechanical – Enhancing electromechanical energy conversion in soft and unorthodox piezoelectric materials

Selected Publications:

Yonatan Calahorra, Josh Dawson, Yana Grishchenko, Saptarsi Ghosh, Abhiram Gundimeda, Bogdan F Spiridon, Rachel A Oliver, Sohini Kar-Narayan; Magnetization and magnetoresistance of Ni/nanoporous-GaN composites; arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.02904, 2021

Smith, Michael; Chalklen, Thomas; Lindackers, Cathrin; Calahorra, Yonatan; Howe, Caitlin; Tamboli, Alkausil; Bax, Daniel V; Barrett, David J; Cameron, Ruth E; Best, Serena M; Poly-L-lactic acid nanotubes as soft piezoelectric interfaces for biology: controlling cell attachment via polymer crystallinity; ACS applied bio materials, 2020

Calahorra, Yonatan; Kim, Wonjong; Vukajlovic-Plestina, Jelena; i Morral, Anna Fontcuberta; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Time-resolved open-circuit conductive atomic force microscopy for direct electromechanical characterization; Nanotechnology, 2020  IOP Publishing

Calahorra, Yonatan; Spiridon, Bogdan; Wineman, Adina; Busolo, Tommaso; Griffin, Peter; Szewczyk, Piotr K; Zhu, Tongtong; Jing, Qingshen; Oliver, Rachel; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Enhanced piezoelectricity and electromechanical efficiency in semiconducting GaN due to nanoscale porosity; Applied Materials Today, 2020

Calahorra, Yonatan; Husmann, Anke; Bourdelain, Alice; Kim, Wonjong; Vukajlovic-Plestina, Jelena; Boughey, Chess; Jing, Qingshen; i Morral, Anna Fontcuberta; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Highly sensitive piezotronic pressure sensors based on undoped GaAs nanowire ensembles; Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2019

Calahorra, Yonatan; Datta, Anuja; Famelton, James; Kam, Doron; Shoseyov, Oded; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Nanoscale electromechanical properties of template-assisted hierarchical self-assembled cellulose nanofibers; Nanoscale, 2018

Boughey, Chess; Calahorra, Yonatan; Datta, Anuja; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Coaxial Nickel–Poly (vinylidene fluoride trifluoroethylene) Nanowires for Magnetoelectric Applications; ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2018

Calahorra, Yonatan; Guan, Xin; Halder, Nripendra N; Smith, Michael; Cohen, Shimon; Ritter, Dan; Penuelas, Jose; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Exploring piezoelectric properties of III–V nanowires using piezo-response force microscopy; Semiconductor Science and Technology, 2017

Calahorra, Yonatan; Smith, Michael; Datta, Anuja; Benisty, Hadas; Kar-Narayan, Sohini; Mapping piezoelectric response in nanomaterials using a dedicated non-destructive scanning probe technique; Nanoscale, 2017