Prof. Isaac Guedi Capeluto


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Prof. Isaac Guedi Capeluto

Dean in Architecture & Town Planning


Architecture and Town Planning

Main energy field:

Energy Conservation


PhD – 1996, Technion, Sustainable Urban Architecture

MSc – 1991, Technion, Climatic and Energy Conscious Building Design, CAAD

BSc – 1987, Universidad de la Republica-Uruguay

Roles, Chairs, prizes:

Chair – The Architecture Program

Research Area in Energy:

Energy retrofit of existing buildings

Zero Energy Design

Lighting and Daylighting in Architecture. Energy efficiency in buildings. Energy Conscious Building Design. Sustainable and Green Architecture

Research Interests:

Architectural design

Selected Publications:

Capeluto I.G., 2022 “The Unsustainable Direction of Green Building Codes: A Critical Look at the Future of Green Architecture”, Buildings, 12, 773; (ISSN 2075-5309), MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

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