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Associate Prof. Carmel Rotschild


Mechanical Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources


Ph.D. 2008, Technion, Physics.
B.Sc. 2000, Technion, Mechanical Engineering (optical engineering).

Research Area in Energy:

Luminescence Solar Concentrators.

Solar powered laser.

Incoherent up conversion and down conversion.

Research Interests:

Localized energy states in molecules, and energy transfer in low-order materials.

In term of applications my research engaged with nano-scale devices for solar energy. These include; optical heat pumps, solar powered laser, nonlinear optics in incoherent light for efficient conversion of IR and short wavelengths to electricity, and engineering of thermal radiation.

Selected Publications:

A. Manor, N. Kruger, D. Granot and C Rotschild, Entropy driven multi-photon up-conversion:

Manor, L. L. Martin and C Rotschild, Thermally enhanced photoluminescence for efficient photovoltaics:

P. D. Reusswig, S. Nechayev*, J. M. Scherer, G. W. Hwang, M. G. Bawendi, M. A. Baldo, C. Rotschild, Solar Pumped Lasers via Cascade Energy Transfer, *S. Nechayev contribution is equal to first author.

C. Rotschild, M. Tomes, H. Mendoza, T. L. Andrew, T. M. Swager, T. Carmon, and M.A. Baldo, Cascaded energy transfer for efficient broad-band pumping of high-quality, micro-lasers, Advanced Materials, 23: n/a. doi: 10.1002/ adma.201100467. (2011).

A. Menéndez-Velázquez, C. L. Mulder, N. J. Thompson, T. L. Andrew, P. D. Reusswig, C. Rotschild, and M. A. Baldo, Light-recycling within electronic displays using deep red and near infrared photoluminescent polarizers, Energy & Environmental Science DOI: 10.1039/c2ee23265k (2011)

E. Greenfield, C. Rotschild, J Nemirovsky, A Szameit, R El-Ganainy, D. N. Christodoulides, M. Saraf, E. Lifshitz, and M Segev,. Light-induced self-synchronizing flow patterns, New Journal Of Physics, 13, 052021 .(2011)

C.L. Mulder, P. D. Reusswig, A. Beyler, H. Kim, C. Rotschild, M.A. Baldo, Dyes Aligned in Luminescent Solar Concentrators II. Horizontal Alignment for Energy Harvesting in Linear Polarizers, Optics Express, 18, A91 (2010) [Energy express].

C.L. Mulder, P. D. Reusswig, A. M. Velazquez, H. Kim, C. Rotschild, M.A. Baldo, Dyes Aligned in Luminescent Solar Concentrators I. Vertical Alignment for Improved Waveguiding Coupling, Optics Express, 18, A79 (2010) [Energy express].

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