Associate Prof. Charles Diesendruck


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Associate Prof. Charles E. Diesendruck



Main energy field:

Energy Storage and Conversion:

– Energy Storage

– Fuel Cell Technologies – Design and test of new membranes for alkaline fuel cells


2011 – PhD – Ben-Gurion University, Chemistry

2007 – MSc – Ben-Gurion University, Chemistry

2003 – BSc – Ben-Gurion University, Chemistry


Associate Editor – Israel Journal of Chemistry

Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in Israel

Schulich Prize for Excellence in Enhancing the Understanding of Chemistry, Technion, Israel

Advancement Chair, American Technion Society

The Ruth and Milton Orchin Prize for excellent graduate student at the ICS meeting, Israel

The Hyman and Irene Kreitman Prize for excellent academic achievements, Israel

Selected Publications:

Dekel, D.; Willdorf, S.; Ash, U.; Amar, M.; Pusara, S.; Dhara, S.; Srebnik, S.; Diesendruck, C.E. “The critical relation between chemical stability of cations and water in anion exchange membrane fuel cells environment”, J. Power Sources, 2018, 375, 351-360.

Dekel D. R.; Amar, M.; Willdorf, S.; Kosa, M.; Dhara, S.; Diesendruck, C.E. “The effect of water on the stability of quaternary ammonium groups for anion exchange membrane fuel cell applications”, Chem. Mater. 2017, 29, 4425-4431.

Genorio, B.; Staszak-Jirkovský, J.; Assary, R.S.; Connell, J.D.; Strmcnik, D.; Diesendruck, C.E.; Lopes, P.P.; Stamenkovic, V.R.; Moore, J.S.; Curtiss, L.A.; Markovic, N.M. “Superoxide (electro)chemistry on well-defined surfaces in organic environments”, J. Phys. Chem. C., 2016, 120, 15909–15914.

Jirkovsky, J.S.; Subbaraman, R.; Strmcnik, D.; Harrison, K.L.; Diesendruck, C.E.; Assary, R.; Frank, O.; Kobr, L.; Wiberg, G.K.H.; Genorio, B.; Stamenkovic, V.R.; Curtiss, L.; Moore, J.S.; Zavadil, K.R.; Markovic, N.M. “Water as Promoter and Catalyst in Dioxygen Electrochemistry in Aqueous and Organic Media”, ACS Catalysis, 2015, 5, 6600-6607.

Carino, E.V.; Diesendruck, C.E.; Moore, J.S.; Curtiss, L.A.; Assary, R.S.; Brushett, F.R. “BF3-promoted Electrochemical Properties of Quinoxaline in Propylene Carbonate”, RSC Advances, 2015, 5, 18822-18831.

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