Associate Prof. Dan Liberzon


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Associate Prof. Dan Liberzon


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy – Wave energy


Ph.D. 2010 Tel-Aviv University Fluid Mechanics, wind-waves.
M.Sc. 2005 Tel-Aviv University Fluid Mechanics, two-phase flows.
B.Sc.2003 Tel-Aviv University Mechanical Engineering.

Research Area in Energy:

Wind waves (sea waves) energy harvesting, turbulent air boundary layer, anabatic-katabatic thermal flows, thermo acoustics.

Research Interests:

Renewable Energy Sources: Wind Power Wind waves energy harvesting.
Developing small scale devices for sea waves energy harvesting, energy conversion and transport problems

Selected Publications:

Vitkin L., Liberzon D., Grits B. and Kit E., Study of in-situ calibration performance of co-located multi-sensor Hot-Film and Sonic anemometers using “virtual probe” algorithm, Measurement Sci. and Tech., 25, 7, pp 075801, 2014.

Liberzon D. and Fernando H.J.S., Pressure distribution in confined jet flow, Journal of Fluids Eng., 136, 3, 031202, 2014.

Shemer L. and Liberzon D., Lagrangian kinematics of steep waves up to the inception of a spilling breaker, Physics of Fluids, 26, 1, 2014.

Zavadsky A., Liberzon D. and Shemer L., Statistical analysis of the spatial evolution of the stationary wind-wave field, J. Physical Oceanography, 43, 1, pp 65-79, 2013.

Liberzon D. and Shemer L., Experimental study of the initial stages of wind waves’ spatial evolution, J. Fluid Mech., vol. 681, pp. 462-498, 2011.

Friedman A.M, L.S. Alperovich, L. Shemer, L. Pustilnik, D. Shtivelman, A. G. Marchuk¸ D. Liberzon, Tsunami wave suppressing using submarine barriers, Phys.-USP (Rus/Eng), vol. 53, 8, 2010.

Shemer L., Sergeeva A. and Liberzon D., Effect of the initial spectrum on spatial evolution of the statistics of unidirectional nonlinear random waves, J. Geophys. Res., vol. 115, C12036, 2010.

Liberzon D. and Shemer L., An inexpensive method for measurements of static pressure fluctuations JTECH-A, Vol. 27, 4, pp 776-784, 2010.

Liberzon D, Shemer L. and Barnea D., Upward-propagating waves on the surface of short Taylor bubbles, Physics of Fluids, vol. 18, 048103, 2006.