Associate Prof. Daniel Zelazo


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Associate Prof. Daniel Zelazo


Aerospace Engineering

Main energy field:

Smart Grids


PhD, 2009, University of Washington,Aerospace Engineering.

MSc, 2001, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Electrical Engineering.

BSc, 1999, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering.

Research Area in Energy:

Smart Grid Distributed Optimization

Research Interests:

Energy Management

Economic Dispatch, Distributed Energy Generation

Distributed Optimization

Selected Publications:

D. Zelazo and M. Bürger, “On the Robustness of Uncertain Consensus Networks,” IEEE Transactions on the Control of Network Systems, PP(99):1-10, 2015 (early access).

D. Zelazo, A. Franchi, and P. Robuffo Giordano, “Distributed Rigidity Maintenance Control with Range-only Measurements for Multi-robot Systems,” International Journal of Robotics Research, 34(1):105-128, 2015.

D. Zelazo, M. Bürger, and F. Allgower, “A Finite-Time Dual Method for Negotiation Between Dynamical Systems,” SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 51(1):172-194, 2013.

D. Zelazo, S. Schuler, and F. Allgower, “Performance and Design of Cycles in Consensus Networks,” Systems & Control Letters, 62(1):85-96, 2013.

D. Zelazo, R. Dai, and M. Mesbahi, “Scheduling and Operation of an Off-Grid Power System,” Energy Systems, 3(2):153-179, 2012.

D. Zelazo and M. Mesbahi, “Edge Agreement: Graph-Theoretic Performance Bounds and Passivity Analysis,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 56(3):554-555, 2011.