Assistant Prof. Yaniv Edery


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Assistant Prof. Yaniv Edery


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Main energy field:

Water-Energy nexus. Environmental risks in Energy production


PostDoc – 2015 – Harvard, Applied Physics

PhD – 2009 – Weizmann, Environmental

MSc – 2007 – Weizmann, Environmental

BSc – 2003 – HUJI, Physics


Roles, Chairs, prizes

2019, 2020 Mini-Symposium Organizer and Chair on Physics of multi-phase flow in diverse porous media, Interpore conference.

2017    Professional Development Award, Harvard

2015    IMON fellowship

2015    BARD fellowship

Research Area in Energy:

Environmental aspects in Energy production – Induced seismicity, CO2 sequestration

Flow, Reaction and deformation in porous media

Selected Publications:

Edery, Y., S. Berg, & D. Weitz, (2017). Surfactant variations in porous media localize capillary instabilities during Haines jumps. Physical Review Letters,120, 02, doi:

Edery, Y., Geiger, S., & Berkowitz, B. (2016). Structural controls on anomalous transport in fractured porous rock. Water Resources Research, 52(7), 5634-5643.

Edery, Y., I. Dror, H. Scher and B. Berkowitz (2015), Anomalous reactive transport in porous media: Experiments and modeling. Physical Review E 91 (5), 052130.

Edery, Y., H. Scher, A. Guadagnini and B. Berkowitz (2014), Origins of anomalous transport in disordered media: structural and dynamic controls. Water Resources Research, 50, doi:

Edery, Y., A. B. Kostinski, S. N. Majumdar and B. Berkowitz (2013), Record-breaking statistics for random walks in the presence of measurement error and noise. Physical Review Letters, 110, 18, doi: