Assistant Prof. Razi Epsztein


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Assistant Prof. Razi Epsztein


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Main energy field:

Energy storage and conversion; Energy-efficient membrane separation; Recovery of valuable elements for energy production.


Ph.D. 2013 – 2017, Technion, Environmental Engineering.

M.Sc. 2010 – 2012, BGU, Environmental Engineering.

B.Sc. 2006 – 2010, BGU, Biotechnology Engineering.

Research Area in Energy:

Our group focuses on development of membrane processes for selective separation at the water-energy nexus. In light of the growing efforts to understand and improve solute-solute selectivity in membrane processes, we strive to explore the fundamentals underlying molecular transport and selectivity in membranes and nanopores, and use the insights gained to develop selective membranes for energy-efficient separations, fuel cells, and recovery of valuable elements for energy production.

Research Interests:

Fuel Cell Technologies – Developing improved ion-exchange membranes .

Energy-efficient membranes separation – Developing solute-specific membranes to reduce osmotic pressure gradients and increase water recovery.

Recovery of valuable elements for energy production – Developing membranes to harvest valuable elements from water for energy production.

Selected Publications:

Epsztein R., DuChanois R. M., Ritt C. L., Noy A., and Elimelech M., (2020) ‘Towards single-species selectivity of membranes with sub-nanometer pores’, Nature Nanotechnology, in press

Patel S. K., Ritt C. L., Deshmukh A., Wang Z., Qin M., Epsztein R., and Elimelech M., (2020) ‘The relative insignificance of advanced materials in enhancing the energy efficiency of desalination technologies’, Energy & Environmental Science, Advance Article

Epsztein R., Shaulsky S., Qin M., and Elimelech M., (2019) ‘Activation behavior for ion permeation in ion-exchange membranes: Role of ion dehydration in selective transport’, Journal of Membrane Science 580, 316-326

Qin M., Deshmukh A., Epsztein R., Patel S. K., Owoseni O. M., Walker W. S., and Elimelech M., (2019) ‘Comparison of energy consumption in desalination by capacitive deionization and reverse osmosis’, Desalination 455, 100-114

Epsztein R., Shaulsky E., Dizge N., Warsinger D. M. and Elimelech M., (2018) ‘Role of ionic charge density in Donnan exclusion of monovalent anions by nanofiltration’, Environmental Science & Technology 52, 4108-4116

Epsztein R., Nir O., Lahav O. and Green M., (2015) ‘Selective nitrate removal from groundwater using a hybrid nanofiltration-reverse osmosis filtration scheme’, Chemical Engineering Journal 279, 372-378


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