Prof. Gadi Schuster


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Prof. Gadi Schuster



Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels


Ph.D. 1988, HUJ, Biochemistry.
B.Sc. 1982, HUJ, Chemistry/Biology.

Research Area in Energy:

Harnessing photosynthesis to produce energy.

Research Interests:

Solar Hydrogen production – Modifying photosynthesis for energy production.
Fuel Cell Technologies – Constructing a photocell based on photosynthesis.

Selected Publications:

Larum, S., Faris, S., Schuster, G. and Adir, N (2010) Engineering of an alternative electron transfer path in Photosystem II. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 107: 9650-5.

Larom, S., Kallmann, D., Saper, G., Pinhassi, R.I., Rothschild, A., Dotan, H., Ankonina, G., Schuster*, , and Adir*, N. (2015) The Photosystem II D1-K238E mutation enhances electrical current production using cyanobacterial thylakoid membranes in a bio-photoelectrochemical cell. Photosynth. Res. 126:161–169. (*corresponding authors).

Pinhassi, R.I., Kallmann, D., Saper, G., Larom, S., Linkov, A., Boulouis, A., Schöttler, M-A., Bock, R., Rothschild, A., Adir* and Schuster* G. (2015) Photosynthetic membranes of Synechocystis or plants convert sunlight to photocurrent through different pathways due to different architectures. PLoS One 10(4):e0122616. (*corresponding authors).

Pinhassi, R.I, Kallmann, D., Saper, G., Dotan, H., Linkov,,Liveanu,V., Schuster, G., Adir, N., and Rothschild,, A. (2016) Hybrid Bio-Photo-Electro-Chemical Cells for Solar Water Splitting. Nature Comm. 7:12552-12562.

Saper, G., Kallmann, D., Conzuelo, F., Zhao, F., Toth, T., Liveanu, V., .Meir, M., Szymanski, , Aharoni,A., Schuhmann, W., Rothschild, A., Schuster, G.,* and Adir, N* (2018) Live cyanobacteria produce photocurrent and hydrogen using both the respiratory and photosynthetic systems. Nature Comm. 9:2168 (*corresponding authors).