Prof. Gideon Grader

Former Director, Grand Technion Energy Program


Chemical Engineering

Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels


Dean of Chemical Engineering department (2016-2019)

Solar Fuels I-CORE Scientific Director (2011-2017)

GTEP Founding Director (2007-2015)

Gruenbaum Chair in Material Engineering (2005)
President, Israel Institute of Chemical Engineers (2005-2007)

PhD – 1986 – Caltech, Chemical Engineering
BSc – 1982 – U.C. Berkeley, Chemical Engineering

Research Area in Energy:

Hydrogen generation and materials for energy applications

Research Interests:

Hydrogen generation by decoupled water splitting.

Synthesis of ceramic nanofibers with special architectures.

Application of such fibers in energy related applications.

Processing of ceramics by MLTC technology and SPS/FLASH sintering

Selected Publications:

Avigail Landman, Rawan Halabi, Paula Dias, Hen Dotan, Alex Mehlmann, Gennady E. Shter, Manar Halabi, Omayer Naserladeen, Adélio Mendes, Gideon S. Grader and Avner Rothschild, “Decoupled Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting System for Centralized Hydrogen Production”, Joule, 4, 448–471, (2020). DOI:

N. Ralbag, E. S. Davydova, M. Mann-Lahav, P. Cong, J. He, A. M. Beale, G.S. Grader, D. Avnir and D. R. Dekel, “Ceria entrapped Palladium Novel Composites for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in Alkaline Medium”, the Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 167, 054514, (2020).

Elishav, Y. Shener, V. Beilin, M. V. Landau, M. Herskowitz, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, “Electrospun Fe-Al-O Nanobelts for Selective CO2 Hydrogenation to Light Olefins”, Accepted: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2020). DOI:

Elishav, Y. Shener, V. Beilin, G. E. Shter, B. Ng, W.E. Mustain, Miron V. Landau, Moti Herskowitz, G. S. Grader, “Electrospun Nanofibers with Surface Oriented Lamellar Pattern and Potential Applications”, Accepted: Nanoscale (2020). DOI:

Elishav, B. Mosevitzky, E. Miller, D. Arent, A. Valera-Medina, A. Grinberg Dana,  G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, “Progress and Prospective of Nitrogen-based Alternative Fuels”, Accepted, Invited Review, Chemical Reviews, (2020).

Hen Dotan, Avigail Landman, Stafford W. Sheehan, Kirtiman Deo Malviya, Gennady E. Shter, Daniel A. Grave, Ziv Arzi, Nachshon Yehudai, Manar Halabi, Netta Gal, Noam Hadari, Coral Cohen, Avner Rothschild and Gideon S. Grader, “Decoupled hydrogen and oxygen evolution by a two-step electrochemical – chemical cycle for efficient overall water splitting”, Nature Energy, 4, 786-795 (2019)  DOI:

Bar Mosevitzky, Gennady E. Shter, Gideon S. Grader, “Effect of equivalence ratio on the thermal autoignition of an aqueous ammonia ammonium nitrate monofuel”, Combustion & Flame, 188, 142-149, (2018).

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Grinberg Dana, O. Elishav, André Bardow, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, “Nitrogen‐Based Fuels: A Power‐to‐Fuel‐to‐Power Analysis”, Angewandte Chemie, V55, 8798-8805, (2016).

Grinberg Dana, G.E. Shter and G.S. Grader , entitled “Nitrogen-Based Alternative Fuel: An Environmentally Friendly Combustion Approach” , RSC Adv., 4 (20), 10051 – 10059 , (2014).

Gvorkyan , G.E. Shter, Y. Shmueli, A. Buk, R. Meir, G.S. Grader, “Branching effect and morphology control in electrospun PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 nanofibers”, Journal of Material Research , 29, issue 16, pp. 1721-1729 (2014). DOI: 10.1557/jmr.2014.214. Selected for Journal cover page.

Aouat, G. Marom, D. Avnir, V. Gelman, G. Shter and G.S. Grader, “Organically-Doped Silver Nanoparticles Deposited on Titania Nanofibers – Enhanced Catalytic Methanol Oxidation”, J. Phys. Chem. C , (American Chemical Society), 2013, 117, 22325−22330 , (2013).