Prof. Gitti Frey


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Prof. Gitti Frey


Materials Science and Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources


Ph.D. 1999, Weizmann Materials/Chemistry.
M.Sc. 1993, HU Chemistry.
B.Sc. 1991, HU, Chemistry.

Marie Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, European Commission 5th program.

Alon Fellowship 2003.

Research Area in Energy:

Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic materials and devices: synthesis, processing and characterization

Research Interests:

Charge and energy transfer across organic/inorganic interfaces

Tailored organic/inorganic interfaces in OLEDs, Organic Solar Cells and electrochromic devices

Light harvesting, charge, and energy transfer in Organic Solar Cells

Diffusion of molecule through Organic Solar Cells and OLEDs

Processing organic electronic devices

Structure-property relations in Organic Solar Cells

Selected Publications:

“Towards fast screening of organic solar cell blends”, Artem Levitsky, Giovanni Maria Matrone, Aditi Khirbat, Ilaria Bargigia, Xiaolei Chu, Oded Nahor, Tamar Segal-Perez, Adam J. Moulé, Lee J. Richter, Carlos Silva, Natalie Stingelin and Gitti L. Frey, Adv. Sci. (2020).

“One-step Processing of multilayers in organic solar cells”, Basel Shamieh, Tanmoy Sarkar, and Gitti L. Frey, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2020).

“Tuning Contact Resistance in Top-contact p- and n-type Organic Field Effect Transistors by Self-generated Interlayers”, Tanmoy Sarkar, Basel Shamieh, Roy Verbeek, Auke Jisk Kronemeije, Gerwin Gelinck and Gitti L Frey, Adv. Funct. Mater 1805617 (2019).

“Interlayers Self-Generated by Additive-Metal Interactions in Organic Electronic Devices”, Jane Vinokur, Igal Deckman, Tanmoy Sarkar, Liza Nuzman, Basel Shamieh, and Gitti L Frey; Adv. Mater, 1706803 (2018).

“On the Dynamics of Additive Migration to Form Cathodic Interlayers in Organic Solar Cells”, J Vinokur, S Obuchovsky, I Deckman, L Shoham, T Mates, ML Chabinyc, GL Frey, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 29889−29900 (2017).

“The mechanism of metal oxide deposition from ALD inside non-reactive polymer matrices”, Stas Obuchovsky, Hadar Frankenstein, Jane Vinokur, Anna K. Hailey, Yueh-Lin Loo and Gitti L. Frey, Chem. Mater. 28 (8), 2668–2676 (2016).