Assistant Prof. Igal Gluzman


Phone: +972-4-829-3816
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Assistant Prof. Igal Gluzman


Aerospace Engineering


PhD – 2017 – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering

MSc – 2013 – Ben-Gurion University, Mechanical Engineering

BSc – 2011 – Ben-Gurion University, Mechanical Engineering

Research Area in Energy:

Cavitation phenomena for efficient sustainable fuels production and for water and plastic waste treatment.

Flow control and flow diagnostic techniques in sustainable energy technologies.

Selected Publications:

Gluzman, I. Anthony Pelster∗, Michael Waldrop∗, & Thomas, F. O., On cavitation in the radial flow of a thin lubricating film between two overlying disks, Phys. Fluids, 35, 023302 (2023).

Gluzman, I. & Thomas, F. O., Image-based characterization of the bubbly shock wave generation and evolution in aviation fuel cavitation, Phys. Rev. Fluids, 7, 084305 (2022).

Liu C.∗, Gluzman, I., Lozier M.∗, Midya S.∗, Gordeyev S., Thomas F. O., Gayme F. D., Spatial Input–Output Analysis of Actuated Turbulent Boundary Layers, AIAA J., 1-15 (2022).

Gluzman, I., Gray P.∗, Mejia K., Corke T. C., Thomas F. O., A simplified photogrammetry procedure in oil-film interferometry for accurate skin friction measurement over a Gaussian bump Exp. Fluids, 63.7 (2022): 1-14.

Gluzman, I. & Thomas, F. O., Characterization of bubble dynamics in the nozzle flow of aviation fuels via computer vision tools., Int. J. Multiph. Flow (2022): 104133.

Gluzman I., Cohen J., Oshman Y., Blind disturbance separation and identification in a transitional boundary layer using minimal sensing, J. Fluid Mech., 927, A4 (2021).

Gluzman I. & Gayme F. D., Input-output framework for actuated boundary layers, Phys. Rev. Fluids, 6 (5), art. no. 053901 (2021).

Gluzman I., Oshman Y., Cohen J., Detection and Isolation of Tollmien-Schlichting Waves in Shear Flows Using Blind Source Separation, Mech. Syst. Signal Process., 136, 106485 (2020).

Gluzman I.∗, Cohen J., Oshman Y., Statistical Calibration via Gaussianization in Hot-Wire Anemometry. Exp. Fluids 58.3: 15 (2017).

Eidelman, A., Elperin, T., Gluzman, I.∗, Golbraikh, E., Helicity of Mean and Turbulent Flow with Coherent Structures in Rayleigh-Be´nard Convective Cell, Phys. Fluids (1994-present), 26, 065103 (2014).

Eidelman, A., Elperin, T., Gluzman, I.∗, Kleeorin, N., and Rogachevskii, I., Experimental Study of Temperature Fluctuations in Forced Stably Stratified Turbulent Flows. Phys. Fluids 25, 015111 (2013).