Assistant Prof. Elad Koren


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Assistant Prof. Elad Koren


Materials Science and Engineering

Main energy field:



PhD – 2012 – Tel Aviv – Physical Electronics

MSc – 2007 – Bar Ilan – Physical Chemistry

BSc – 2004 – Bar Ilan – Biophysics

Selected awards:

“Taub Fellow” – Leaders in Science and Technology, 2017

Alon Fellowship, 2017

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) “Ambizione” research grant, 2015

IBM Research Invention achievement award, 2015

Selected Publications:

Koren, E.; Leven, Itai.; Knoll, A.; Loertscher, E.; Hod, Oded.; Duerig, D.; “Coherent commensurate electronic states at the interface between misoriented graphene layers”, Nature Nanotech., 2016, 11, 752. Link

Koren, E.; Knoll, A.; Loertscher, E.; Duerig, D.; “Adhesion and friction of mesoscopic graphite sliding contacts”, Science, 2015, 348, 679. Link

Koren, E.; Knoll, A.; Loertscher, E.; Duerig, D.; “Direct experimental observation of stacking fault scattering in HOPG meso-structures“, Nature Comm. 2014, 5, 5837. Link

Koren, E.; Elias, G.; Boag, A.; Hemesath, E., Lauhon, L.J; Rosenwaks, Y.; “Direct measurement of individual deep traps in single silicon nanowire”, Nano Letters 2011, 11, (6), 2499-2502. Link

Koren, E.; Givan, U.; Hemesath, E. R.; Lauhon, L. J.; Rosenwaks, Y., “Obtaining uniform dopant distribution in VLS-grown Si nanowires”, Nano Letters 2011, 11, (1), 183-187. Link

Koren, E.; Berkovitch, N.; Rosenwaks, Y., “Measurement of active dopant distribution and diffusion in individual Silicon nanowires,” Nano Letters 2010, 10, (4), 1163-1167. Link

Ruhle, S.; Greenwald, S.; Koren, E.; Zaban, A., “Optical waveguide enhanced photovoltaics,” Optics Express 2008, 16, (26), 21801-21806. Link