Prof. Yakov Krasik


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Prof. Yakov Krasik



Main energy field:

Plasma related energy sources

Current carrying pulse plasma, electron and ion high current beams, shock waves and high power microwaves


PhD – 1980 – Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Ion beam generation in reflex triode

MSc – 1976 – Physics Department, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk, Russia

High current electron beam propagation in transverse magnetic field


APS fellow

Technion team award – 2003

The Henri Gutwirth award – 2006

Best scientific research, Academy of Science FUSSR: 1986, 1988

Selected Publications:

E. Krasik, S. Efimov, D. Sheftman, A. Fedotov-Gefen, O. Antonov, D. Shafer, D. Yanuka, M. Nitishinskiy, M. Kozlov, L. Gilburd, G. Toker, S. Gleizer, E. Zvulun, V. Tz. Gurovich, D Varentsov, and M. Rodionova, “Underwater Electrical Explosion of Wires and Wire Arrays and Generation of Converging Shock Waves,” IEEE Trans. Plasma Scie. 44, 412 (2016).

Yatom, A. Shlapakovski, L. Beilin, E. Stambulchik, S. Tskhai, and Ya. E. Krasik, “Recent studies on nanosecond-timescale pressurized gas discharges”, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 25 064001 (2016).

Queller, J. Z. Gleizer, Ya. E. Krasik, V. A. Bernshtam, and U. Dai, “High-Current Carbon-Epoxy Capillary Cathode”, IEEE Trans. Plasma Scie. 42, 1224 (2014.)

Levko, Ya. E. Krasik and V. Tarasenko, “Present Status of Runaway Electron Generation in Pressurized Gases During Nanosecond Discharges”, Intern. Rev. Phys. 6, 165 (2012).

E Krasik, A. Fedotov, D. Sheftman, S. Efimov, A. Sayapin, V. Tz. Gurovich, D. Veksler, G. Bazalitski, S. Gleizer, A. Grinenko and V. I. Oreshkin “Underwater electrical wire explosion’, Plasma Sources Sci. Techn. 19, 034020 (2010).

Ya. E. Krasik, A. Grinenko, A. Sayapin, S. Efimov, A. Fedotov, V. Tz. Gurovich, and V. I. Oreshkin, “Underwater Electrical Wire Explosion and its Applications”, IEEE Trans. Plasma Scie. 36, 423 (2008).

E. Krasik, J. Z. Gleizer, D. Yarmolich, V. Vekselman, Y. Hadas, and J. Felsteiner, “Plasma Emission Sources For High-Current Electron Beam Generation”, IEEE Trans. Plasma Scie. 36, 768 (2008).

Ya. E. Krasik, K. Chirko, A. Dunaevsky, J. Felsteiner, A. Krokhmal, J. Gleizer, A. Sayapin, and J. Felsteiner, Ferroelectric plasma sources and their application, Special issue IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 31, 49 (2003).

G. Rosenman, D. Shur, Ya. E. Krasik, and A. Dunaevsky, Review – Ferroelectric cathodes, J. Appl. Phys. 88, 6109 (2000).

V. M. Bystritskii, A. A. Kim, Ya. E. Krasik, B. M. Koval’chuk, and G. A. Mesyats, Microsecond plasma opening switches, Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, 23, 19 (1992).

M. Bystritskii, Ya. E. Krasik, and G. A. Mesyats, High Power Ion Sources, Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei 22, 1171 (1991).


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