Prof. Eran Sher


Phone: +972-4-829 2302

Prof. Eran Sher


Aerospace Engineering

Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels
Energy Storage and Conversion
Energy Conservation


Post-Doc 1983-1985, MIT, Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D 1978, UMIST, UK, Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. 1976, Ben-Gurion University, Mechanical Engineering
B.Sc.1975,Ben-Gurion University, Mechanical Engineering

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department
Bergman Prize
John Orr Prize

Research Area in Energy:

Alternative Fuels

Internal Combustion Engines

Research Interests:

Alternative fuels:

Gasoline-Methanol blends: Application in Internal Combustion Engines

Biofuel: Application in Internal Combustion Engines

Cryogenic N2: Application to UAV power-plants

Internal Combustion Engines:

Efficiency (Fuel Consumption)

Pollution Control: Particulates mass, number and size distribution

Hydrogen fuel: Steam Reforming

Selected Publications:


Heywood, J.B. and Sher, E., “The Two-Stroke Cycle Engine – Its development, design and characteristics”, ISBN: 1-56032-831-2, Joint pub. of SAE and Taylor and Francis, 1999.

Sher, E., “Handbook of Air-Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines – Pollutant Formation and Control”, ISBN: 0-12-639855-0, Academic Press, 1998.

Refereed Articles in Scientific Journals/Collections:

Sher, I. and Sher, E, “A novel internal combustion engine utilizing internal hydrogen production for improved efficiency – A theoretical Concept”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, Vol. 39, pp. 19182-19186, 2014. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2014.09.079

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Sher, I. and Sher, E., “Theoretical Limits of Scaling-Down Internal Combustion Engines”, Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 66, pp.260-267, 2011.

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