Prof. Gitti Frey


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Prof. Gitti Frey


Materials Science and Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources


Ph.D. 1999, Weizmann Materials/Chemistry.
M.Sc. 1993, HU Chemistry.
B.Sc. 1991, HU, Chemistry.

Marie Curie Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, European Commission 5th program.

Alon Fellowship 2003.

Research Area in Energy:

Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaic materials and devices: synthesis, processing and characterization

Research Interests:

Charge and energy transfer across organic/inorganic interfaces

Tailored organic/inorganic interfaces in OLEDs, photovoltaic and electrochromic devices

Spontaneous interlayer formation through migration and contact engineering

Diffusion of small molecule through OPVs and OLEDs

ALD into organic films for processing and characterization

Selected Publications:

Spontaneous generation of interlayers in OPVs with silver cathodes: enhancing Voc and lifetime, Shamieh, S. Obuchovsky and G. L. Frey, Mater Chem C 4, 1821-1828 (2016)

The mechanism of metal oxide deposition from ALD inside non-reactive polymer matrices: Effects of polymer crystallinity and temperature, Stas Obuchovsky, Hadar Frankenstein, Jane Vinokur, Anna K. Hailey, Yueh-Lin Loo and Gitti L. Frey, Chem. Mater. 28 (8), 2668–2676 (2016)

Plasmonic nanoparticle incorporation into inverted hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells, Tamar Segal-Peretz, Igal Deckman, Meir Orenstein and Gitti L. Frey, Organic electronics, 23, 144–150 (2015)

The chemical composition of additives to spontaneously form cathode interlayers in OPVs, Igal Deckman, Stas Obuchovsky, Moshe Moshonov and Gitti L. Frey, Langmuir, 31 (24), 6721–6728  (2015)

Harnessing ALD to directly map the morphology of organic photovoltaic bulk heterojunctions, Stas Obuchovsky, Basel Shamieh, Igal Deckman, Guy Ankonina and Gitti L. Frey, Solar Energy and Solar materials, 143 280-283 (2015)

Directing hybrid structures by combining self-assembly of functional block copolymers and ALD: a demonstration on hybrid photovoltaics, Moshe Moshonov and Gitti L. Frey, Langmuir, 31 (46), 12762-12769 (2015)

Controlling morphology and charge transfer in ZnO/polythiophene photovoltaic films, Oded Nahor, Tamar Segal-Peretz, Lior Neeman, Dan Oron, and Gitti L. Frey, Mater Chem. C, 21, 4167-4176 (2014)

Spontaneous interlayer formation in OPVs by additive migration due to additive-metal interactions, Igal Deckman, Moshe Moshonov, Stas Obuchovsky, Reuven Brener, and Gitti L. Frey, Mater Chem A, 2, 16746-16754 (2014)

Atomic Layer Deposition of Zinc Oxide onto and into P3HT for Hybrid Photovoltaics, Obuchovsky, I. Deckman, M. Moshonov, T. Segal-Peretz, G. Ankonina, T. J. Savenije, and G. L. Frey, Mater Chem C, 2, 8903-8910 (2014)

Understanding and Promoting Molecular Interactions and Charge Transfer in Dye-Mediated Hybrid Photovoltaic Materials, Tamar Segal-Peretz, Justin P. Jahnke, Alexander Berenson, Lior Neeman, Dan Oron, Brad F. Chmelka and Gitti L. Frey, Phys. Chem. C,118, 25374–25391, (2014)

Hybrid Mesostructured Electrode for Fast-Switching Proton-Based solid state Electrochromic Devices, Basila Kattouf, Yair Ein-Eli, Arnon Siegmann, Gitti L. Frey, Mater. Chem. C, 1 151-159 (2013)

Thermal metal deposition induces segregation in polymer thin films: a demonstration on OPVs, Igal Dekman, Reuven Brener and Gitti L. Frey, Mater. Chem. C, 1, 6522–6525 (2013) (communication)

On the origin of charge generation in hybrid TiOx/conjugated polymer photovoltaic devices, Segal-Peretz Tamar, Leman Olga, Nardes Alexandre and Frey Gitti, J Phys Chem C 116, 2024–2032, (2012)