Prof. Moshe  Sheintuch


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Prof. Moshe Sheintuch


Chemical Engineering

Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels


Ph.D. 1977, University of Illinois, Chemical Engineering.

Research Area in Energy:

Hydrogen production by reforming of methane or renewables for FC, ICE

Fuel Synthesis

Selected Publications:

Maria Anna Murmura, Michael Patrascu, Maria Cristina Annesin, Vincenzo Palma, Concetta Ruoco and Moshe Sheintuch, “Directing Selectivity of Ethanol Steam Reforming in Membrane Reactors”, J Mem. Sci. (submitted).

O. Nekhamkina and M. Sheintuch, “Kinetic effects on transversal instability of planar fronts in packed-bed reactors”, Chem. Eng. J. 236 , 212-222 (2014).

O. Nekhamkina and M. Sheintuch, “Hydrodynamic instability of thermal fronts in reactive porous media: Spinning patterns”, Phys. Rev. E, 89, 032908, (2014).

Hadas Abir and Moshe Sheintuch, “Modeling H2 transport through a Pd or Pd/Ag membrane, and its inhibition by co-adsorbates, from first principles”, J. Mem. Sci.,466,58-69 (2014).

Poran, A. , Artoul, M., Sheintuch, M., Tartakovsky, L.M, “Modeling Internal Combustion Engine with Thermo-Chemical Recuperation of the Waste Heat by Methanol Steam Reforming” SAE Int. J. of Engines, 7, 234-242 (2014).

O. Nekhamkina and M. Sheintuch, “Effective approximations for concentration-polarization in Pd-membrane separators”, Chem. Eng. J (in press, 2014).

M. Patrascu and M. Sheintuch,” On-site Pure Hydrogen Production by Methane Steam Reforming in High Flux Membrane Reactor: Experimental Validation, Model Predictions and Membrane Inhibition”, Chem. Eng. J (in press, 2014).

E.D. German, A. Hadas and M. Sheintuch, “A Tunnel Model for Activated Hydrogen Dissociation on Metal Surfaces” , J. Phys. Chem. C, 117, 7475-7468 (2013).

E.D. German and M. Sheintuch, “Predicting CH4 dissociation kinetics on metals: Trends, sticking coefficients, H tunneling, and kinetic isotope effect” , J. Phys. Chem. C, 117 22811-22826 (2013).

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David S. A. Simakov and Moshe Sheintuch, “Model-Based Optimization of Hydrogen Generation by Methane Steam Reforming in Autothermal Packed-Bed Membrane Reformer”, AIChEJ , 57, 525-541 (2011).

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E. German and M. Sheintuch,” Quantum Effects in the Kinetics of H2O Dissociative Adsorption on Pt(111), Cu(111), Rh(111), and Ni(111)”, J. Phys. Chem. C , 114, 3089–3097, (2010).

A.Y. Madai and M. Sheintuch, ” Reduction in greenhouse gases emission in a loop reactor adsorber: Simulations and experiments “, Chem. Eng. Sci., 65, 5392-5401 (2010).