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Prof. Oded Gottlieb


Mechanical Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources [aero/hydro kinetic power harvesting in controllable synchronized multi-element structural arrays].


BSc 1983 Technion Civil Engineering
MSc 1987 Technion Civil Engineering
PhD 1991 Oregon State University Ocean Engineering (applied math)

Research Area in Energy:

Energy harvesting from fluid-structure interaction – Harnessing hydrokinetic power from vortex-induced vibration of elastically constrained cylinder arrays in uniform flow has been shown to yield a power density of several hundred W/m3.We make use of a combined asymptotic and numerical methodology to derive/investigate a nonlinear model governing this complex spatio-temporal process and predict/control its optimal performance.

Photothermal energy conversion – Spontaneous vibration of thermo-visco-elastic elements subject to laser irradiation have been used for both sensing and actuation of micro and nano-scale systems which exhibit complex bifurcations including non-stationary chaotic-like dynamics. We investigate the resulting photothermal energy conversion via multiple-scale asymptotics and numerical analysis.

Research Interests:

Renewable Energy Sources [aero/hydro kinetic power harvesting in controllable synchronized multi-element structural arrays].
Energy Conversion [photo-thermal dynamics in nonlinear nano-opto-electro-mechanical systems].
Optical Atmospheric Energy Transmission [high altitude laser source stabilization via tethered lighter-than-air systems].

Selected Publications:

Aginsky Z. and Gottlieb, O., Nonlinear fluid-structure interaction of an elastic panel in an acoustically excited two-dimensional inviscid compressible fluid, Physics of Fluids, 25, 076104, 1-35 (2013)

Shoshani, O. and Gottlieb, O., Nonlinear stability of a perturbed Orr-Sommerfeld solution for the wake of a stationary cylinder at low Reynolds numbers, Int. J. Non-Linear Mechanics, 57, 176-182 (2013)

Gottlieb O. and Habib J., Nonlinear model-based estimation of quadratic and cubic damping mechanisms that govern the dynamics of a chaotic spherical pendulum, J. Vibration and Control 18, 4, 536-547 (2012)

Gutschmidt S. and Gottlieb O., Nonlinear dynamic behavior of a microbeam array subject to parametric actuation at low medium and large DC-voltages, Nonlinear Dynamics 67, 1-36 (2012)

Hollander E. and Gottlieb O., Self-excited chaotic dynamics of a nonlinear thermo-visco elastic system that is subject to laser irradiation, Applied Physics Letters 101, 133507, 1-5 (2012)

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