Prof. Shimon Gepstein


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Prof. Shimon Gepstein



Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels


Ph.D. 1979, Tel-Aviv University, Plant Physiology.
M.Sc. 1973, Tel-Aviv University, Plant Physiology.
B.Sc. 1969, Tel-Aviv University, Biology.
Post-Doc UC Santa-Cruz, US, Plant hormones.

Prof. Gepstein served as the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and also served as the Head of the Center for Pre-University Education Center at the Technion.
President of the Israeli Association of Plant Sciences.
H.Rich award for innovations.

Research Area in Energy:

Biomass-Based Fuels – Production of water saving plants that are more efficient in terms of biomass yield for biodiesel or bioethanol extraction and can be grown in marginal non-agricultural regions.

Research Interests:

Biomass-Based Fuels.

Selected Publications:

Mukherjee,A Carp, M-J Zuchman, R Ziv, T, . Horwitz B, Gepstein S (2009) Proteomics of the response of Arabidopsis thaliana to infection with Alternaria brassicicola 2009 J.of Proteomics Oct 2009.

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Rivero, R A. Gepstein, H. Sakakibara, R Mittler, S. Gepstein and E.Blumwald (2007). Delayed leaf senescence induces extreme drought tolerance in a flowering plant. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A ; 104(49):19631-.

Carp M-J and Gepstein S (2006) Genomics and Proteomics of leaf senescence In: Senescence processes in plants ed. Susheng Gan. (Blackwel Publishers).

Gepstein,S Grover,A and Blumwald ,E (2005) Producing Biopharmaceutical in the desert:: Building an abiotic stress tolerance in plants for salt ,heat and drought In: J.Knablein (ed) “Modrn Biopharmaceuticals” (dedicated to Francis Crick) Wiley-VCH publishers Vol:3 967-990.

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