Prof. Sabrina Spatari


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Prof. Sabrina Spatari


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Main energy field:

Biomass and Bioenergy; Life cycle assessment


PostDoc – 2007-2008 – University of California, Berkeley, Energy and Resources Group

PhD – 2007 – University of Toronto, Civil and Environmental Eng.

MSc – 1998 – University of Michigan, Chemical Eng.

BSc – 1995 – University of Toronto, Chemical Eng.

Roles, Chairs, prizes:

Associate Editor, Global Change Biology, Bioenergy

Associate Editor, Journal of Industrial Ecology

Research Area in Energy:

Alternative fuels – Biomass-Based Fuels:

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA) of low carbon transport fuels, particularly biofuels via biochemical (enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation) and thermochemical (fast pyrolysis and upgrading) conversion.

Life cycle assessment – Renewable energy, Energy provision, Energy and the built environment:

My research focuses on the development and application of life cycle assessment (LCA) and other systems analysis methods for guiding engineering decision making and public policy on renewable energy, particularly biomass and bioenergy (thermal, electrical, and CHP applications, district heating and cooling), biofuels, PV electricity and micro-grids, and low impact development in urban infrastructure.

Selected Publications:

Billen, P.; Leccisi, E.; Dastidar, S.; Li, S.; Lobaton, L.; Spatari, S.; Fafarman, A. T.; Fthenakis, V. M.; Baxter, J. B., Comparative evaluation of lead emissions and toxicity potential in the life cycle of lead halide perovskite photovoltaics. Energy 2019, 166, 1089-1096.

Gao, S.; Gurian, P. L.; Adler, P. R.; Spatari, S.; Gurung, R.; Kar, S.; Ogle, S. M.; Parton, W. J.; Del Grosso, S. J., Framework for improved confidence in modeled nitrous oxide estimates for biofuel regulatory standards. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 2018, 23, (8), 1281-1301.

Riazi, B.; Karanjikar, M.; Spatari, S., Renewable Rubber and Jet Fuel from Biomass: Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Land Use Trade-offs in Energy and Material Markets. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2018, 6, (11), 14414-14422.

Sorunmu, Y.; Billen, P.; Elangovan, S. E.; Santosa, D.; Spatari, S., Life-Cycle Assessment of Alternative Pyrolysis-Based Transport Fuels: Implications of Upgrading Technology, Scale, and Hydrogen Requirement. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2018, 6, (8), 10001-10010.

Hums, M. E.; Amin, H.; Tsao, Y.-C.; Olson, M. S.; Spatari, S.; Cairncross, R. A., Longitudinal Study of Wastewater Greases and Their Potential for the Production of Biofuels. Energy & Fuels 2018, 32, (2), 1831-1842.

Björnebo, L.; Spatari, S.; Gurian, P. L., A greenhouse gas abatement framework for investment in district heating. Applied Energy 2018, 211, 1095-1105.

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Sorunmu, Y. E.; Billen, P.; Elkasabi, Y.; Mullen, C. A.; Macken, N. A.; Boateng, A. A.; Spatari, S., Fuels and Chemicals from Equine-Waste-Derived Tail Gas Reactive Pyrolysis Oil: Technoeconomic Analysis, Environmental and Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 2017, 5, (10), 8804-8814.

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Hums, M. E.; Cairncross, R. A.; Spatari, S., Life-Cycle Assessment of Biodiesel Produced from Grease Trap Waste. Environmental Science & Technology 2016, 50, (5), 2718-2726, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b02667.

Ciliberti, C., Jordaan, S.M., Smith, S.V., Spatari, S. A Life Cycle Perspective on Land Use and Project Economics of Electricity from Wind and Anaerobic Digestion, Energy Policy 2016, 89, 52-63.

Pourhashem, G., Adler, P.R., Spatari, S., Time Effects of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies for Second Generation Biofuels and Co-products with Temporary Carbon Storage, J. Cleaner Production 2016, 112, Part 4, 2642-2653.

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Keedy, J.; Prymak, E.; Macken, N.; Pourhashem, G.; Spatari, S.; Mullen, C. A.; Boateng, A. A., Exergy Based Assessment of the Production and Conversion of Switchgrass, Equine Waste, and Forest Residue to Bio-Oil Using Fast Pyrolysis. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2015, 54, (1), 529-539.

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