Associate Prof. Yachin Ivry


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Associate Prof. Yachin Ivry


Materials Science and Engineering

Main energy field:

Materials and devices for energy-efficient technologies


2011 – PhD – University of Cambridge, UK, Nanoscience

2006 – MSc – Weizmann Institute of Science, Physics

2004 – BSc – Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Physics & Chemistry

Member of the Technion’s Solid State Institute,

Zuckerman STEM Fellow,

Horeve Fellow ‘Leaders in Science and Technology’ (supported by the Taub foundation

Research Interests:

Low-power computing and memory:

Non-volatile memory devices, Ferroelectric-based nanostructures and nano devices

Efficient switching devices, Ferroelectric-based nanostructures and nano devices

Quantum devices, Superconducting nanostructures and nano devices

Materials for Energy Harvesting and Conversion:

Piezoelectricity, Nano piezoelectrics

Selected Publications:

Towards Resolving Landauer’s Paradox Through Direct Observation of Multiscale FE-Ferroelectric Interplay, Durkan, A. Hershkovitz, DP Chu, J. F. Scott, Y. Ivry; arXiv:1608.03890 (2016)

Universal scaling of the critical temperature for thin films near the SCg-to-insulating transition, Ivry, CS Kim , A. E. Dane , D. De Fazio , A. McCaughan , K. A. Sunter , Q. Zhao and K. K. Berggren; Physical Review B 90 214515 (2014)

Nano-Domain Pinning in Ferroelastic-FE by Extended Structural Defects, Ivry, C. Durkan , DP. Chu and J.F. Scott; Advanced Functional Materials 24 5567 (2014)

Unexpected Controllable Pair-Structure in FE Nanodomains, Ivry, DP. Chu , J. F. Scott , E. K. H. Ekhard and C. Durkan; Nano Letters 11 4619 (2011)

Flux Closure Vortexlike Domain Structures in FE Thin Films, Ivry, DP. Chu , J. F. Scott , and C. Durkan; Physical Review Letters 10, 207602 (2010)