Assistant Prof. Omer Yehezkeli


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Assistant Prof. Omer Yehezkeli


Biotechnology & Food Engineering

Main energy field:

Nitrogenase artificial photochemical or photoelectrochemical activation for fuel generation.


PhD – 2014 – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Chemistry

MSc – 2008 – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Chemistry

BSc – 2006 – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Chemistry (minor, Structural and Molecular Biochemistry)

Roles, Chairs, prizes

The American Institute of Chemist Post-Doctoral Award 2015.

The Levi Eshkol doctoral scholarship for scientific achievement, the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. 2011-2013.

Jacob Laivand Award for Alternative Energy Research 2009, 2011.

Research Area in Energy:

Alternative fuels: Bio-catalysis

Nitrogenase photochemical or photoelectrochemical activation for CO2 or N2 reduction process to fuels or ammonia.

Photoelectrochemcial cells: PEC /Photo-bio-electrochemical cells

Generation of electrical power by light irradiation.

Selected Publications:

W. Harris, O. Yehezkeli*, G. R. Hafenstine, A. P. Goodwin and J. N. Cha Light-Driven Catalytic Upgrading of Butanol in a Biohybrid Photoelectrochemical System ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 5, 8199–8204, (2017).

Ke, O. Yehezkeli, E. Park, and J. N. Cha. Enzyme Mediated Increase in Methanol Production from Photoelectrochemical Cells and CO2. ACS Catal.6,6982–6986, (2016)

Yehezkeli*, N. M. Badford, E. Park, M., Ke, and J. N. Cha. Semiconductor based Solar Driven Photochemical Cells for Fuel Generation from CO2 in Aqueous Solutions, ChemSusChem , 9,  3188–3195. (2016).

Ma, O. Yehezkeli, D. W. Domaille,H. H Funke, J. N. Cha Enhanced Hydrogen Production from DNA Assembled Z-scheme TiO2-CdS Photocatalyst Systems Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54, 11490-11494 (2015)

Yehezkeli, R. Tel-Vered, D. Michaeli, R. Nechushtai and I. Willner Photosystem I (PSI)/Photosystem II (PSII)-Based Photo-Bioelectrochemical Cells Revealing Directional Generation of Photocurrents. Small, 9, 2970-2978 (2013)

Yehezkeli, R. Tel-Vered, J. Wasserman, A. Trifonov, D. Michaeli, R. Nechushtai and I. Willner. Integrated Photosystem II-Based Photo-Bioelectrochemical Cells. Nature Commun., 3, 742 (2012).

O.Yehezkeli, R. Tel-Vered, S. Raichlin, and I. Willner. Nano-engineered Flavin-Dependent Glucose Dehydrogenase/Gold Nanoparticle- Modified Electrodes for Glucose Sensing and Biofuel Cell Applications. ACS Nano, 5, 2385–2391, (2011)

Yehezkeli, Y.-M. Yan, I. Baravik, R. Tel-Vered and I. Willner Integrated Electrically Contacted Oligoaniline-Crosslinked Glucose Oxidase/Au Nanoparticles Electrodes for Glucose Sensing. Chem. Eur. J., 15, 2674-2679 (2009).