Prof. Yehuda Agnon


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Prof. Yehuda Agnon


Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering


B.Sc. Physics and Mathematics, with distinction, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1979.
M.Sc. Mathematics, with distinction, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1980.
Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Hydrodynamics and Oceanographic Engineering),
M.I.T. / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Joint Program, 1986.

Research Interests:

Renewable energy sources and Energy Conversion
Thermoacoustic Engines: Heat engines with no moving parts
Natural Gas Liquefaction
Acoustic generator: Conversion to electricity
Dry Power: Energy from evaporation of water

Selected Publications:

Roitberg E., M. Shoshany and Y. Agnon, The response of shrubland patterns’ properties to rainfall changes and to the catastrophic removal of plants in semi-arid regions predicted by Reaction-Diffusion simulations, Ecological Informatics, 32, February 2016.

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