Technion Wins First Ever Israeli Student Formula Race

Formula Student is a series of international competitions in which university teams from all over the world compete to design, manufacture, and race the best performing racecars. Since the establishment of the Technion Student Formula team in 2013, GTEP has been there as a dedicated benefactor. For the past two years, because of the corona virus epidemic, no competitions have been held. This year the 3 Israeli university Formula teams, (Technion, Tel Aviv University, and Ben Gurion University) decided to hold an Israeli Formula Race that took place on Oct. 20th in Beersheva.

The Technion team is headed by Muans Omari, a master’s student in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and supervised by Prof. Reuven Katz. This year’s team is the largest ever, made up of more than 60 students from various faculties. The race was well attended by car importers and the organizers and students hoped that the Israeli race would encourage investors and local firms to develop vehicles and other products relevant to the industry; while providing direct exposure to the future engineers in the field. GTEP is very proud of the talented students who while studying, still find time to work on this exciting project.