Prof. Ayelet Fishman


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Prof. Ayelet Fishman


Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Main energy field:

Alternative Fuels


PhD 2002, Technion, Biotechnology
MSc 1992, Technion, Biotechnology
BSc 1989, Technion, Biotechnology and Food Eng.

2007-2020 – The Technion award for excellence in teaching (several times)
2008 – The Alfred & Yehuda Wiessman award for excellence in teaching
2011 – The Henri Gutwirth Prize for the Promotion of Research
2011 – The Moshe Yanai prize for excellence in teaching

2016 – The Juludan Prize for excellence in research

Research Area in Energy:

Biotechnology based production of biodiesel.

Research Interests:

Biomass-Based Fuels; Conversion of oils to biodiesel using enzymes. Engineering enzymes for improved activity in non-aqueous media. Structure-functions studies of enzymes.

Selected Publications:

Gihaz S, Bash Y, Rush I, Shahar A, Pazy Y, Fishman A. (2019) Bridges to stability: Engineering disulfide bonds towards enhanced lipase biodiesel synthesis. ChemCatChem.

Gihaz S, Kanteev M, Pazy Y, Fishman A. (2018) Filling the void: Introducing aromatic interactions into solvent tunnels to enhance lipase stability in methanol.  Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 84:e02143-18.

Gihaz S, Weiser D, Kanteev M, Dror A, Sátorhelyi P, Poppe L, and Fishman A. (2016) Creating an efficient methanol-stable biocatalyst by protein and immobilization engineering–steps towards efficient biosynthesis of biodiesel. ChemSusChem. 9:3161-3170

Dror A, Kanteev M, Kagan I, Gihaz S, Shahar A, and Fishman A. (2015) Structural insights on lipase T6 variants with improved stability in methanol. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 99: 9449-9461.

Dror, A., Shemesh, E., Dayan, N. and Fishman, A. (2014) Engineering lipase from Geobacillus stearothermophilus for improved stability in methanol. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 80:1515-1527.