Assistant Prof. Alon Grinberg Dana


Chemical Engineering

Main energy field:

Energy storage and conversion

Alternative fuels

Satellite propulsion fuels

CO2 upgrading

Clean combustion


Postdoc – 2015-2020, MIT

PhD – 2010-2015, Technion, Energy Engineering (GTEP)

BSc – 2006-2010, Technion, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Roles, Chairs, prizes

The MolSSI Software Fellowship Program, The Molecular Sciences Software Institute, 2020

The Mortimer B. Zuckerman Scholarship Program in STEM Leadership, 2017 and 2018

Research Area in Energy:

Our group focuses on a central problem in Chemical Engineering: quantitatively predicting the reactivity of various chemical systems. We are developing simulation technology to solve practical problems in the crossroads of the Chemical Engineering discipline and Applied Energy research. Particularly, we are interested in scalable novel low-carbon approaches to the global energy and environmental crises, contributing to the development of alternative fuels and raw material synthesis from CO2 and natural gas.

Research Interests:

Energy Storage – Power-to-Fuels – Developing environmentally friendly energy vectors

Alternative fuels – Development of alternative fuels and raw material synthesis from CO2 and natural gas

Satellite propulsion fuels – High quality kinetics simulations – Understanding the mechanism of advanced satellite propulsion fuels

CO2 upgrading – Converting CO2 into renewable fuels and raw materials

Clean combustion – Optimizing fuel combustion processes to minimize NOx and SOx pollutants

Selected Publications:

M. Liu, A. Grinberg Dana, M.S. Johnson, M.J. Goldman, A. Jocher, A.M. Payne, C.A. Grambow, K. Han, N.W. Yee, E.J. Mazeau, K. Blondal, R.H. West, C.F. Goldsmith, W.H. Green, Reaction Mechanism Generator v3.0: Advances in Automatic Mechanism Generation, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2021, 61(6), 2686–2696.

A. Grinberg Dana, K.B. Moore, A.W. Jasper, W.H. Green, Large Intermediates in Hydrazine Decomposition: A Theoretical Study of the N3H5 and N4H6 Potential Energy Surfaces, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2019, 123(22), 4679-4692.

A. Grinberg Dana, B. Buesser, S.S. Merchant, W.H. Green, Automated Reaction Mechanism Generation Including Nitrogen as a Heteroatom, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 2018, 50(4), 243-258.

A.Grinberg Dana, S. Gudiyella, W.H. Green, S.J. Shanbhogue, D. Michaels, N.W. Chakroun, A. Ghoniem, Automated Generation of Chemical Mechanisms for Predicting Extinction Strain Rates with Applications in Flame Stabilization and Combustion Instabilities, 55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech Forum, (AIAA 2017–0835) 2017.

A. Grinberg Dana, O. Elishav, A. Bardow, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, Nitrogen-based fuels: A power to fuel to power analysis, Angewandte Chemie 2016, 55, 8798–88058. Highlighted in: ChemInform 2016, 47(38)

A. Grinberg Dana, G. Tvil, L. Winter, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, Pressure effect on the combustion of aqueous urea ammonium nitrate alternative fuel, Fuel 2015, 159, 500–507.

A. Grinberg Dana, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, Thermal analysis of aqueous urea ammonium nitrate alternative fuel, RSC Advances 2014, 4(66), 34836–34848.

A. Grinberg Dana, G.E. Shter, G.S. Grader, Nitrogen-based alternative fuel: an environmentally friendly combustion approach, RSC Advances 2014, 4(20), 10051–10059.