Associate Prof. Guy Ramon


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Associate Prof. Guy Z. Ramon


Civil and Environmental Engineering


PhD – 2010 – Technion, Environmental Engineering
BSc – 2003 – Technion, Environmental Engineering

Marie-Curie Fellow, Princeton University, 2011-2013
BARD Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles, 2010-2011

Research Area in Energy:

Energy production from solar and waste heat, energy-efficient cooling, separation and water purification

Research Interests:

Solar and waste heat-driven power production through acoustic conversion.

Membrane-based separation processes.

Energy efficiency of water production technologies, waste-heat driven climate control.

Selected Publications:

Yang, R., Meir, A., Ramon, G.Z. (2020) “Theoretical performance characteristics of a travelling-wave phase-change thermoacoustic engine for low-grade heat recovery” Applied Energy 261, 114377.

Blayer, Y., Elkayam, N., Ramon, G.Z. (2019) “Phase-dependence of sorption-driven streaming in an acoustic field” Applied Physics letters 115, 033703.

Atlas, I., Ramon, G.Z.(2018) “Periodic energy conversion in an electric-double-layer capacitor” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 530, 675-685.

Meir, A., Offner, A., Ramon, G.Z.(2018) “Low temperature energy conversion through a regenerative vapor power-cycle in an acoustic resonator” Applied Energy 231,372-379.

Weltsch, O., Offner, A., Liberzon, D., Ramon, G.Z., (2017) “Adsorption-mediated mass-streaming in a standing acoustic wave” Physical Review Letters 118, 244301.

Lai, C.Y., Zheng, Z., Dressaire, E., Ramon, G.Z., Huppert, H.E., Stone, H.A., (2016) “Elastic relaxation of fluid-driven cracks and the resulting backflow” Physical Review Letters 117, 268001.

Ramon, G.Z., Feinberg, B.J., Hoek, E.M.V. (2011). “Membrane-based production of salinity-gradient power”. Energy & Environmental Science4(11), 4423.