Assistant Prof. Oksana Stalnov


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Assistant Prof. Oksana Stalnov


Aerospace Engineering

Main energy field:

Renewable Energy Sources


2013 – PhD – Tel-Aviv University, Mechanical Engineering

2005 – MSc – Tel-Aviv University, Mechanical Engineering

2005 – BSc – Tel-Aviv University, Mechanical Engineering

Rieger Foundation Fellowship,

Minerva Research Grant,

Marie Curie-Sklodowska Individual Fellowship

Research Interests:

Wind Power

Enhancement of the amount of energy harvested and attenuation of noise emitted by wind turbines

Selected Publications:

Stalnov, O., Chaitanya, P., Joseph, P. F. Towards a non-empirical trailing edge noise prediction model. Accepted to Journal of Sound and Vibrations, 2016.

Stalnov, O., Ben-Gida, H., Kirchhefer, A.J. Guglielmo, C.G., Kopp, G.A., Liberzon, A., Gurka, R. On the estimation of time dependent lift of a European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) during flapping flight. Accepted to PLOS ONE, August 2015.

Wolf, A., Lutz, Th., Würz, W., Krämer, E., Stalnov, O., Seifert, A. Trailing edge noise reduction of wind turbine blades by active flow control, Wind Energy, 18( 5), 909-923, 2015.

Stalnov, O., Kribus, A., Seifert, A. Evaluation of active flow control applied to wind turbine blade section. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2010; 2(6).