Associate Prof. Dario Dekel


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Associate Prof. Dario R. Dekel


Chemical Engineering

Main energy field:

Energy Storage and Conversion


Ph.D. 1998, Technion-IIT, Membrane Science
M.Sc. 1994, Technion-IIT, Advanced Ceramics
B.Sc. 1988, UTN (Argentina)
MBA 2008, Technion-IIT

Co-founder and VP R&D and Eng.– CellEra Inc., CellEra Technologies
Manager of Energy Sources Department — Rafael Ltd.
1998-2003 Katzir Award, Ministry of Defense, State of Israel

Research Interests:

Alternative Fuels: 

Non-Carbon Fuels;  Hydrogen Technology; Solar Hydrogen production

Energy Storage and Conversion:

Energy Storage — Electrolysis; Redox Flow Batteries; Membrane based Electrochemical Systems for Energy

Fuel Cell Technologies — Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells; Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells; Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells; Membrane based Electrochemical Systems for Energy; Alternative Fuels for Fuel Cells

Selected Publications:

“A simulator for system-level analysis of heat transfer and phase-change in thermal batteries II: Full-scale multiple cell thermal battery”; Nir Haimovich, Dario R. Dekel and Simon Brandon; J. Electrochem. Soc., 162 (3) A350-A362, 2015.

“Anion-exchange membranes in electrochemical energy systems”; John R. Varcoe, Plamen Atanassov, Dario R. Dekel, Andrew M. Herring, Michael A. Hickner, Paul. A. Kohl, Anthony R. Kucernak, William E. Mustain, Kitty Nijmeijer, Keith Scott, Tongwen Xu, and Lin Zhuang; Energy Environ. Sci., 7, 3135-3191, 2014.