Dan Michaels

Future Propulsion

Associate Prof. Dan Michaels

GTEP new recruit Associate Prof. Dan Michaels returns to the Technion Faculty of Aerospace Engineering after completing his postdoctoral work at the Reacting Gas Dynamics Lab, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As an aerospace engineer, Michaels is focusing on Combustion Dynamics, which includes research into alternative fuels and energy conservation.

“I believe that advancing energy science has great impact on the world we live in and the prospects of future generations,” says Associate Prof. Michaels,  “In the near future, hydrocarbon fuels (fossil or bio derived) will continue to be the main source of energy for humanity. Thus, I focus my efforts on combustion science because it is crucial for development of a new generation of power plants and jet engines that can supply the increasing demand for cheap energy throughout the world with minimal impact on our health and the environment.”

With alternative fuels, Michaels is looking into biomass-based fuels, and the impact of fuel composition on the combustion process in jet engines and land based gas turbines. In energy conservation, his concentration is on fundamental physical and chemical processes in combustion systems, which includes examining combustion stability in lean premixed combustion.

“I feel that the Technion provides an extraordinary atmosphere for fundamental and applied research,” he says, “including support in building a new lab for combustion dynamics and excellent curious students.”