Oz M. Gazit

Associate Prof. Oz M. Gazit

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Postdoctoral 2009-2012, University of California Berkeley, Chemical Engineering

PhD 2004-2009, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering

BSc 2000-2004, Ben Gurion University, Chemical Engineering

“A small improvement in the right catalyst can make a big difference on an industrial scale… Would like to see more people in Israel involved in heterogeneous catalysis research, an area of paramount importance in terms of energy savings in any chemical process.”

Associate Prof. Oz Gazit studies advanced materials, and focuses his research efforts on improving catalytic materials using organic, inorganic and polymer chemistry designated for energy applications that will be technologically viable, sustainable, and environmentally acceptable. He leads studies in basic research with the aim to move it to applied based concepts. He is currently working on exploring heterogeneous catalytic materials for more efficient conversion of methane to fuels, and the development of catalysts for making liquid fuels and chemicals from biomass derived molecules.

Gazit is an Associate Prof. at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and a member of the GTEP-led I-CORE solar fuels program. He carries out his research work with 6 talented students, including PhD, MSc and senior undergrads, and collaborates with faculty on multidisciplinary projects. Over the years he was awarded a number of prestigious academic awards including the Russell Berrie Award for Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2009), and was an invited speaker at the 248th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco (2014). His laboratory, “Lab for Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Materials” is under construction.