Moran Bercovici

Fluidic Impact

Associate Prof. Moran Bercovici

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

“I tell my students that there are three big problems facing our generation,” says GTEP new recruit at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Associate Prof. Moran Bercovici. “Environmental problems, including clean water supplies; energy sources – to be sustainable; and the prevention and control of disease. Many of these problems are ones which we created in the past 100 years. and now have to fix. Luckily, we now have more knowledge and capabilities than ever to actually do something about it. But I believe solutions no longer lie just with one field or discipline, We really have to be multidisciplinary, and bring together all fields of science, because the solutions are at the interface between disciplines.”

Bercovici is presently setting up The Microfluidic Technologies Laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering where his team combines experimental, analytical, and computational tools to study flow and transport at the microscale, typically characterized by strong coupling between fluid mechanics, heat transfer, electric fields, chemical reactions, and biological processes.

Aiming at bringing both depth and multidisciplinary breadth to his research and teaching, Dr. Bercovici started a new graduate class on microscale transport, and was selected as a Technion Outstanding Teacher for the Spring semester of 2012. He was recently elected as a Horev Fellow of Technion’s Leaders in Science and Technology program.